Jul 8


Whatever the fuck happened to “Sticks, and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”? 

This generation is so god damn coddled, spoiled rotten, and are a bunch of offended little toddlers. 

Words are just words. Stop being so god damn offended all the fucking time. 

Jul 3





human puppy

human puppy

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Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to provide food to its employees, which is why they all starved to death long ago.

- Robert Murphy (via eltigrechico)

Jul 1


Sandra Fluke, first class idiot.

And hypocritical douche.



Sandra Fluke, first class idiot.

And hypocritical douche.




I’m so disappointed right now.

It’s utter bullshit that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a religious corporation over women. I don’t give a shit about your religious beliefs, if a woman wants to put herself on birth control she has every right to do so. You can’t deny her access to basic…

You’re right! If a woman wants to do a thing, she can do a thing! Hobby Lobby actually covers several kinds of birth control for their employees, just not the ones that prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall. But hey! If you’re an employee of HL or not, you can still go and buy whatever the fuck you want because them not paying for it does absolutely nothing to prevent you from buying it!

You all need to remember that “I’m not paying for it” is not the same thing is “You can’t have it, even if you pay for it yourself.” In Matt Walsh’s words — “Your employer is not your parent, and you are an adult.”

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

- it’s you. (via theba-na-natimes)

Despite what you may believe, you can disappoint people and still be good enough. You can make mistakes and still be capable and talented. You can let people down and still be worthwhile and deserving of love. Everyone has disappointed someone they care about. Everyone messes up, lets people down, and makes mistakes. Not because we’re inadequate or fundamentally inept, but because we’re imperfect and fundamentally human. Expecting anything different is setting yourself up for failure.

- Daniell Koepke (via fairestregal)

I am especially sensitive to, and annoyed by, people who pride themselves on “just telling it like it is”. Sometimes these people possess a rare gift of insight and kindness, but more often, they’re being cruel and disguising it as some sort of lame superpower. Giving someone the hard truth doesn’t make you more insightful, it makes you the asshole who saw the same thing everyone else saw and decided it might make you feel better to say it out loud.

- Lessons I’ve Learned From Being a Therapist (via sociolab)